Hello! I'm Brian and I am a Product & User Experience Designer.

I'm a Designer that can code and have expertise in Digital Video.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design and currently work at CLEBC

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Healthcare App Product Design

DrugiQ gives patients a confident second opinion with not only one pharmacist, but with the collective intelligence of hundreds of drug therapy experts to find you the right medication.

As a new service that brings greater patient care to pharmacy and medication - I steered the design process from the initial brief, through audience research, ideation, and iterative concept development, to designing the user flows and wireframes, and front-end dev of the alpha.

Principle User Experience and UI Design, Front-End Development

Dine Out 2.0

Food festival alternative search tools

I designed and coded a web-service mashup to provide the public with better restaurant research tools for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival.

During Dine Out Vancouver, an annual food festival in Metro Vancouver, I was frustrated in choosing a restaurant to go to with friends. I just wanted to see which restaurants were near the area where we were meeting and which were the top-rated restaurants to try, but these abilities were just not available on the official Dine Out Vancouver website. I was frustrated so much so, that I just went ahead and made my own discovery tools.

User Experience, Data Analysis & Wrangling, and Development with jQuery, Web APIs & CSS

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All restaurants on a map for spatial browsing

The official DOV site only allowed for browsing lists of restaurants by price, cuisine, or general neighbourhood.

So what I did was place all the restaurants on a map so the information could be browsed spatially, allowing one to pick a restaurant near them or a destination that they will be in. With over 250 restaurants, I also wanted to know which ones were good. So I cross referenced the restaurants with their Yelp scores and placed all the data in a dynamically sortable table, so people can sort the restaurants by the best score, most reviews, or other categories like neighbourhood and city.

The map allows for selecting restaurants near a specific geographic area. Foodies can now plan their DOV foodie crawl or choose a greek place near their boyfriend's place.

A list of restaurants, reviews, and other pertinent information is filterable and sortable. With 250+ restaurants it's difficult to know which ones are good. By cross referencing with Yelp scores and reviews, we now know Gelato is the best thing to get during Dine Out!

Column sortable list of all restaurants with Yelp reviews

The first site was created in 2014 and every subsequent year since I have created a new version of the tool (Dine Out Vancouver is still using the same website and has yet to update)

2014 - Received about 500 views, only friends

2015 - Received about 5300 views in 2 weeks

  • Vancouver Sun ran an article on it
  • Featured on Reddit Vancovuer
  • Dozens thank you emails from Vancouverites
  • Canada Lifestyle & Health Browser

    Open Data Visualization of Health Outcomes Across Canada

    The Canada Lifestyle & Health Browser is a map based tool to compare computed lifestyle scores of community regions in Canada. It designed for those curious about Canadian health populations, by city. If you are curious to know if where in Canada you live may affect your health, this is the right app for you.

    As a part of the Canadian Open Data Experience, I worked with two data experts, over a 48 hour period, to produce a useful webapp with mash-up of open data sources, under the event themes.

    Principle UX and UI Design, Front-End Development, Data Processing

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    You can browse different regions in Canada and compare their aggregate scores and their statistical details. The details provide a unique insight into the health status of each region. This aggregated data includes all sexes, all ages, and with the most recent Canadian data from the CCHS survey. The score, out of 100, is computed from a number of open data sources of health and lifestyle, including life expectancy, instances of disease, and recreational activity. When each region is clicked, individual scores of each metric is shown.

    Bootstrap and Google's Material Design was used in the creation and design of the webapp.

    Included Open Data Sets:
    Health indicator profile, Health-adjusted life expectancy,

    Possible future enhancements:
    - Methods of direct comparison of between cities, possibly using charts
    - Mash up with local recreation resources (recreation centers, community programs)

    The Canada Lifestyle & Health Browser:

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    More project upon request.

    Get to Know Brian

    I'm a design generalist with a holistic and human-centred approach. I have strong technical skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and am a subject matter expert in video technologies. I've worked on a diversity of projects and have a comprehensive range of knowledge, skills, and experience.

    I have a Bachelors of Science in Interaction Design from the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

    I am passionate about Wayfinding, Installations, Spatial / Urban Design, and a variety of topics. Lately I have been facinated with VR and Wearables.

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